I escaped the uk but this may be useful for those left behind (or in many other countries)

"Google pays billions of dollars each year to Apple, Samsung Electronics and other telecom giants to illegally maintain its spot as the No. 1 search engine, the US Justice Department told a federal judge Thursday," reports Leah Nylen. 👀 bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

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Health insurance requires doctors to get prior authorization from insurers for medical procedures and prescriptions to treat their patients.
Insurance cos. should not be practicing medicine without a license.
We don’t need health insurance. We need #SinglePayer #CalCare!

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my company just announced their going to do full screen recording on our work laptops at all times and tiiiiiime to find a new job

Hetzner stated all this cost savings yet join the new norm of price gouging…

The estimated numbers vary a lot from study to study and by which type of network is used, but Website Carbon Calculator has set the energy usage at 1.8 kWh (kilowatt‐hours) for every GB of data transfer. That would result in almost 10 kWh (9.72 kWh) saved per year for one website of 10,000 monthly visitors only by reducing the size of one analytics script by moving from Google Analytics to Plausible Analytics.

Hey friends, we've started a PeerTube channel on the lovely @tilvids instance. We will be sharing some security tips and tricks, best practices and how to use Bitwarden.


Please do let us know what you think as we go along, including what you might like to see or what we could to better. :ablobcathappypaws:

Haha I made that tool move my shit. Move me again and you pay for dinner! @g_love 😘

I'm a computer musician making:

⇒ various forms of electro-funk and bass #music

⇒ ambiental drone, noise and sonic experiments

⇒ expanded cinema & #video projects

I also:
⇒ do #queer #performance
⇒ run a small local #CreativeCommons #netlabel "Kamizdat" w/ boutique physical releases
⇒ use #FLOSS & #Linux

support art-making via #Bandcamp & #Patreon (link in bio)

#SuperCollider #renoise #processing #ArtWithOpenSource #GlitchArt #ardour #kdenlive #ubuntustudio #reintroduction #introduction


Hi, I'm Mark. Profesionally, I'm a long-time UNIX/Linux admin and developer, currently in the DevOps space. Unprofesionally, I'm a widower and stepfather, I DJ on #tilderadio and #aNONradio, I hang out on pubnixes, I watch soccer and hockey, and I generally don't take any of this too seriously.

You are welcome to follow me; you don't need my permission. I can't promise you quality content, discourse, or anything else if you do, though.

It is my intention to respect all who don't demonstrate that they are unworthy of such respect. If I get something wrong when talking to you, please don't assume bad faith. Let me know and I'll try to do better. Thanks.



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