LoL this is what happens when I'm up all night and sleep deprived. LoL

Say it fast....

Bawahahahahaha! 😎


Haha still got it but took way to long...

Heardle 80s #155




Ok, so shows this weekend are on hold you'll have to enjoy repeats. Pulled in for hurricane prep. Wish us well. 👍 This maybe a wild ride.

@claudiom @trebach

I'm surprised I got it...haha now to brush up on my 70's.

Heardle 70s #139




This weekend a new inner sanctum on tilde. I was going to aor tonight but I'm a Frost fan and wanted to hear these tunes while on the road. Today I was selfish. 👍

Storm season is the bomb. Hope this things takes a turn and goes away, far far away. Supply chain issues Florida will be hurtin'

@anotherlooktake2 😉 If the sun is shining and the air is fresh. I'm all good! ✌️

May the day do you well!

Valve are a pain in the ass. So I sent you ever step I performed. Then you send me some bullshit canned response that only states to perform the steps I just told you I did. Is it that difficult for them to accept their shit is broken. RMA a replacement?

@silver - I'd rather die, than give you control.....


Got this one on vinyl, this was easy..lol I got lucky haha.

Heardle 80s #153




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