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Fucking hate Twitter but some infosec peeps still use that shit. Any good bot apps I can pull from my feed into mastodon? Lots out there but which is actually good. Also easy to configure. 😎

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need a reverse shell into my brain to turn off some daemons

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We love the four freedoms, and we want others to be able to enjoy them as well. Please boost and share this message, and, for those hearing about the four freedoms for the first time, check out latest video about free software: #freesoftware

Who got an invite to share for Dall E 2? Help a brutha out! :-)

On this day...shit got real!

Can you put a price on peace?!?

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> Any Twitter engineer in any country is presently provided direct access to production systems.

> The accesses to these production systems are not audited.

That's about 5.000 people. :blobcat:

> At Twitter engineers work on live data when building and testing software because Twitter lacks testing and staging environments; work is instead conducted in production and with live data. 🤣

#Twitter #Mudge

This shit be whack! They be off the chain on this obscure shit. Dang. More to discover!

! #140


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At the end of the day remind yourself that you did the best you could today, and that is good enough. ~ Lori Deschene

@claudiom this was a good one. Most radio edits cut out the very beginning.

Heardle 80s #149



For me to not get this would be grounds for a suicide. I played this LP till it wore out, and still play it in heavy rotation.

Heardle 80s #148



I'm no jack in box, you jack in box. Haha you more like punk bitch! 😜

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